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Return policy



The following point only refers to natural persons under the current legislation.
According to the Ordinance no. 34/2014, regarding the legal regime of distance contracts, the products are returned within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the package. In the above mentioned situation, the CLIENT has the right to return any product within 14 calendar days of its receipt and may request the return of the amount of money, the change with another product or the return of the counter value as a voucher. In these cases, the amount of money returned, the replaced product or the return of the counter value in the form of a voucher strictly refers to the cost of the products, excluding the shipping charges.
The payment of the shipment related to the returned product and that of the product sent for replacement is the responsibility of the client.

NOTE!!! For international orders : for all international refunds our bank is charging a transfer commission of 15 euro/currency payment. Also shippig price will not be refunded !!! 

The payment of the shipment related to the returned product and that of the product sent for replacement is the responsibility of the client.So please note there are 2 shipping taxe - one for parcel sent and one for parcel returned!

For the refund to be made successfully you must provide us a USD or EUR valid bank account.

All custom tax will be payed by you so please check import conditions in your country by DHL!!! We shipp the products from our storage in Romania. 

The CUSTOM taxes are not included in shipping cost, and the taxes are different from country to country. Custom taxes and fees are NOT our responsability. These taxes are regulated by the Goverment of each country, and because we shipp with DHL , you may pay these taxes in DHL account. 

Plase  note that we send the parcels with DHL. In most countrys the parcel arrives in 7-10 days , that is why the shipping is so expensive.

We and DHL are not responsible for the time the package stays in customs for custom clearence. 

We do not send with POST !

Please note that in some countries you will need a company to import products from Romania. 

If you will refuse the package because high custom cleareance fee abd taxes in your contry, or for any other reason we will NOT REFUND , nor will we resend the package back to you!

If the package arrive to you allready dameged, you must contact DHL for solving the problem. As soon as DHL takes over the package we are NO LONGER responsible for it! 

We double check the parcel befor shipping, especially in international parcels, but even so , products may be missing for any reason.

If so we will refund the amount of the pigment that si missing!

In case it is opted for:
- Replacing with another product, it shall be shipped as soon as possible (as long as it is available on stock).
- Repayment of the value of the product, this shall be made within 14 days at the most from the receipt by S.C. Ama Pigments S.R.L of the package containing the returned products.
- Returning the counter value as a voucher, which you can use for a future order, shall be made within 5 days at the most from the receipt by S.C. Ama Pigments S.R.L of the package containing the return products.

Only products that comply exactly with the form in which they were delivered, accompanied by the purchase invoice, are accepted for return.

One does not allow for return:
- Products that have been unpacked
- Products that have been tested / used
- Products that do not have intact labels, have broken or erased seals
- Products purchased from other stores
- Products not accompanied by the documents proving the purchase (invoice or fiscal receipt)
- Products with packaging damaged in any way


These measures are specific to cosmetic products, as their shelf life is calculated from the first opening of the packaging and, with their use / testing, there appears the risk of transmission of viruses by transferring the product to another person.


In order to achieve the return of a product, please follow the steps below:


- Ensure that the product meets exactly the above conditions
- Contact Customer Relations  by phone at 0763 213 303
- Pack the product appropriately so that it is protected from shocks that may occur during transport. Products that return in an improper form due to defective packaging shall not be eligible to benefit from the return warranty.


Please send the package to the following address: Amaradiei street, no. 22, Craiova, the county of Dolj, Romania, 200157, Phone number: 0763 213 303, by the intermediary of any courier service 

After receiving the package, you shall be contacted to complete the return.
Pay attention! The responsibility for the integrity of the product during transport for return belongs exclusively to the client. Damaged goods during shipment that were not properly packed at shipment shall not be accepted for return. If the product does not fully comply with the above mentioned conditions, our company reserves the right not to accept the return of the products. The counter-value of the round-trip transport falls on the client.