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A Little Faith -20%

A Little Faith

Modelul 316

blue liliac with multicolor particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
A Little Shealter -20%

A Little Shealter

Modelul 491

pearl white with indigo reflectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
Beautifull Surrender -20%

Beautifull Surrender

Modelul 401

soft liliac with blue particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Beneath The Blue -20%

Beneath The Blue

Modelul 582

cold navy blue with soft indigo shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
Blackberry Caramel -20%

Blackberry Caramel

Modelul 585

dark indigo blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Blue Ocean Wave -20%

Blue Ocean Wave

Modelul 353

gary owl shimmere

30.00RON 24.00RON
Deep Soul Fury -20%

Deep Soul Fury

Modelul 134

Dark brown - mauve silk

30.00RON 24.00RON
Frozen By Fear -20%

Frozen By Fear

Modelul 484

medium shimmer with sky blue reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glass Time -20%

Glass Time

Modelul 317

gray shimmer with fine indigo particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Candel Bright -20%

Glitter Candel Bright

Modelul 442

white glitter with indigo&multicolor reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Glowing Ocean -20%

Glitter Glowing Ocean

Modelul 428

silver blue pink glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Morning Glory -20%

Glitter Morning Glory

Modelul 273

blue-aqua glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Rainbow Beans -20%

Glitter Rainbow Beans

Modelul 425

multicolor liliac purple glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Sparkling Angel -20%

Glitter Sparkling Angel

Modelul 255

multicolor blue-green glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Sweet Sparkle -20%

Glitter Sweet Sparkle

Modelul 426

blue liliac glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Head In The Clouds -20%

Head In The Clouds

Modelul 584

navy blue lavander

30.00RON 24.00RON
Hiccups Cups -20%

Hiccups Cups

Modelul 479

satin white whit blue indigo reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Inteligent & Honest -20%

Inteligent & Honest

Modelul 411

gray cashmire with gold reflectiones&blue particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Jelly Fish -20%

Jelly Fish

Modelul 125

liliac grey with shimmer prticles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Knowing Whispers -20%

Knowing Whispers

Modelul 20

Soft lily with light particles from pink to blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Late Night Show -20%

Late Night Show

Modelul 583

dark lavander with strong purple shades

30.00RON 24.00RON
Lily Of The Valey -20%

Lily Of The Valey

Modelul 362

fog purple with pink particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Lovely Lilac -20%

Lovely Lilac

Modelul 307

white gray with lily shades

30.00RON 24.00RON
Luca'S Heart -20%

Luca'S Heart

Modelul 219

white shimmer with indigo reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Mayflower -20%


Modelul 344

baby pink blue with indigo reflects

30.00RON 24.00RON
Mermaid Chant -20%

Mermaid Chant

Modelul 274

blue indigo shimmer with soft pink tint

30.00RON 24.00RON
Missing Wisper -20%

Missing Wisper

Modelul 221

white satin with indigo reflectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
Moments -20%


Modelul 488

medium shimmer with soft indigo reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Moon Amethyst -20%

Moon Amethyst

Modelul 315

blue lily with peach particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Nights Song -20%

Nights Song

Modelul 322

mauve gray with golden particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Ocean Jewlery -20%

Ocean Jewlery

Modelul 329

liliac blue with white gray particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
One Hundred Years -20%

One Hundred Years

Modelul 133

Lily gray with blue reflectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
Painted In Blue -20%

Painted In Blue

Modelul 581

cold indigo silky touch

30.00RON 24.00RON
Passing Of Time -20%

Passing Of Time

Modelul 492

silk white with indigo reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Rain Clouds -20%

Rain Clouds

Modelul 382

fossil gray shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
September To Remember -20%

September To Remember

Modelul 579

violet bluberry blue satin silk

30.00RON 24.00RON
Staring At The Sun -20%

Staring At The Sun

Modelul 494

medium shimmer with pink blue indigo reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Under The Steel Of Indigo -20%

Under The Steel Of Indigo

Modelul 398

dust purple with soft white&green particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Winter Wings -20%

Winter Wings

Modelul 281

whitte glitter with indigo reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON