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Collectiion Duo Chrome 9 Month's Story -20%

Collectiion Duo Chrome 9 Month's Story

Modelul 629

merlor red with medium particles of minti green shimmer

35.00RON 28.00RON
Glitter Candel Bright -20%

Glitter Candel Bright

Modelul 442

white glitter with indigo&multicolor reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Electric Cotton -20%

Glitter Electric Cotton

Modelul 444

white glitter with green multicolor reflex

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter First Kiss Of Frost -20%

Glitter First Kiss Of Frost

Modelul 443

white glitter with lime green multicolor reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter God'S Sheep -20%

Glitter God'S Sheep

Modelul 430

shimmer lily paricles with multicolour reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Night Shade -20%

Glitter Night Shade

Modelul 429

black with multicolour glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Springs Enchantments -20%

Glitter Springs Enchantments

Modelul 445

white glitter with orange multicolor reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Starriwild Jasmine -20%

Glitter Starriwild Jasmine

Modelul 441

white purple green with multicolor reflex

30.00RON 24.00RON
Heartwarmers -20%


Modelul 13

Peachy pink with blue sparkles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Interconnected -20%


Modelul 111

dark red cooper

30.00RON 24.00RON
Neon  Orange Juice New -20%
Neon Greek Lemonade New -20%

Neon Greek Lemonade

Modelul 667

neon yellow color

30.00RON 24.00RON
Neon Lolipop Sugar New -20%
Neon Magenta Soul New -20%

Neon Magenta Soul

Modelul 673

neon magenta color

30.00RON 24.00RON
Neon Raspberry New -20%

Neon Raspberry

Modelul 669

neon red orange color

30.00RON 24.00RON
Neon Skyland New -20%
Neon Summer Sunset New -20%

Neon Summer Sunset

Modelul 666

neon yellow orange

30.00RON 24.00RON
Neon Ultra-Fucsia New -20%

Neon Ultra-Fucsia

Modelul 671

neon fucsia color

30.00RON 24.00RON
School Of Magic -20%

School Of Magic

Modelul 142

dusty dark green

30.00RON 24.00RON
The Fancy Gold -20%

The Fancy Gold

Modelul 527

mediun bronze flakes

30.00RON 24.00RON
Words Of Affection -20%

Words Of Affection

Modelul 24

Beige with small iridescent particles

30.00RON 24.00RON