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Genesis Cosmetic Pigments Let You Shine Your True Colours

Genesis Pigments Unveil The Sacral Hues Of The Sun

The warm sunrays of the morning let you know it’s the moment to wake up. You come closer to the window to see the first butterflies flying outside the window, and you notice the orange pumpkin waiting for you to admire its roundness. It shines when the sunrays embrace it, and it reflects all the autumn colours in a single fruit.

You feel joy, the very feeling standing behind our collection of cosmetic pigments. Genesis is a collection of mica powders based on orange, the most joyful colour in the spectrum.

Orange is the colour standing for the Sacral Chakra, also called the Swadhisthana Chakra that controls the body’s emotions related to desire, creativity and sexuality.

There is a vital connection between your body and the colours of the universe. Your Sacral Chakra puts you in touch with your ancestors, and it unveils the hidden secrets of the world.

 It’s the primary source of creativity, a creativity the flows through the universe and find its shape in the form of the makeup, you create with warm coloured pigments.

Wear orange hues on your eyelids and allow happiness, joy and enthusiasm to fill your body!

AMA loves colours, AMA loves you! Be AMA(zing)!  XOXO

Years Are Passing- Ama Makeup Pigment
-37 %
Code: 541
coral peach
Pigment Model No 541The product is packed in a 10 ml box, containing 2.5 grams of product.INSOLUBLE IN WATERIngredients:- synthetic mica - titanium dioxid (77891) - fd&c red 40 (16035)Microni:- 10-60μm..
19.00RON 30.00RON
VAT included:15.97RON
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