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 1. Q: Why did I receive a pigment color different from the one listed on the website?

   A:  Color calibration differs from a device to another. We don’t use any program to modify or alter the pigments’ color before uploading them on the website. The photo camera used to take photos for each product depicted a 1:1 resemblance of colors.Iven so the pigment collor may actually differ from the picture on the site. Also the collor my change from the factory beforehand , without notifying us in advance, and without us changing the color on the site timely.


2. Q: Why some pigment jars contain more product than others?

    A: A.We sell pigments by weight not volume and therefore not all jars are filled. A box with the same weight can look filled or half-filled depending on the pigment’s density. Some mica is heavier, therefore you achieve the needed weight with a smaller volumetric quantity, while other pigments are lighter and it requires for more volumetric quantity to fill the jar. Pigments’ volume different from a product to another and even pigments part of the same category or collection can vary in volume.

For example the following image depicts three object, all weighing 1 kilo.



3. Q: 3.Why does pigment flow around the jar’s lid edge?

    A:  A.We created the 3 ml and 5 ml jars to offer our clients the possibility to order product samples. But because the jars are too small, some lids don’t perfectly close and fail to seal the product inside. The 10 ml professional version includes a sieve and seal that allows the user to meter the product quantity they use.


The following image shows the 10 ml professional jar.

AMA Pigments has introduced, as the clients required, dosing sieves for the 3ml jars, to prevent the product from spreading when opening the pigments. The brand has already introduced the new product packages on the website, but until the old ones run out of stock, both variants are on sale. Therefore, some orders may include both jars with dosing sieves and without sieves.

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4. Q: How do the 3 ml and 5 ml containers look?




recipient 3mlrecipient 5ml


recipient 10ml

5. Q: Can you have an allergic reaction to our cosmetic products?

    A: Yes, some people are allergic to cosmetic pigments. Similar to other cosmetic products, AMA pigments come with COA and MSDS IDs from their manufacturer, and notified on the CPNP portal. The cosmetic industry approves the ingredients included in the pigments. Even if there are few, there are cases when hypersensitive people can have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. Cosmetic product allergy is called contact dermatitis and it appears on the area exposed to the product. Sometimes people get the allergic reaction immediately, but there are also times when they experience side effects a couple of hours after using the pigment. The average allergy includes symptoms like itching, stinging, and red swollen skin. When you reapply the product on the already sensitive area, cracks can tear the skin and you should consult a doctor to get professional treatment. Most time, the skin heals on itself in a day or two after removing the product. Do not reuse the product once you registered an allergic reaction. Get in touch with your physician, no matter how mild or severe the symptoms are.

Hypersensitive people should test the products before using them. If there appear red spots on your skin, like in the below image, after using a pigment, clean the area and stop using the product.



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