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Delivery Policy


SC Ama Pigments S.R.L shall deliver the PRODUCTS within the terms mentioned on the ONLINE STORE for the PRODUCT ordered at the time of the ORDER generation or within 30 days of the date the CLIENT generated the ORDER, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

In the event that it cannot execute the CONTRACT due to the fact that the PRODUCT or the service is not / is no longer available, THE COMPANY shall inform the CLIENT of this unavailability, and then the amounts of money paid by the CLIENT for the PRODUCT or the unavailable service shall be reimbursed within the maximum 14 days.

If delivery times cannot be met, S.C. Ama Pigments S.R.L shall notify the CLIENT on the estimated delivery completion time.

If S.C. Ama Pigments S.R.L. receives incorrect information related to billing or delivering products, S.C. Ama Pigments S.R.L may refuse to honor delivery without this being considered to be a breach of the CONTRACT, or it may set a new term for honoring the order.

Products marketed by AmaPigments can be delivered throughout the entire territory of Romania using the delivery method and delivery term you have chosen to make the order. After sending the package, you shall receive a notification email on the new status of the order.


All orders placed from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 12:00 are shipped on the same day, except for legal holidays and Black Friday promotions.


Orders placed after 12:00, on Saturdays and Sundays or on days off by law, shall be operated and shipped on the next working day. For more information, please visit the list of legal holidays here.

In rare cases (strong-impact promotions, Black Friday, unexpected events), order processing can take longer due to the high volume of packages. However, the processing of confirmed orders cannot exceed 10 days.

Processing orders including PRODUCTS whose stock was mistakenly reported by our ecommerce platform or those placed by users that could not be contacted by our sales counselors shall be postponed until the situation has been resolved.


Delivering of products ordered on AmaPigments is done by the intermediary of fast transport partner companies such as GLS.

The standard delivery rate is 19 lei for orders whose value is less than 320 lei.

Orders of more than 320 RON benefit from FREE TRANSPORT via GLS

The delivery term is generally maximum 2 days from shipment of the package in localities within the transport partner company’s coverage area and maximum 10 days for non-covered localities. These terms can be overcome in certain cases such as promotion periods (Black Friday, Christmas discounts, Easter campaigns etc.) or periods when the roads are impracticable (floods, massive snow falls etc.).

Package delivery on Saturdays is possible but it cannot be guaranteed.

Delivery is achieved in a Door to Door system (the package is delivered directly to your home)

Your package is stored for delivery for a maximum of 5 days by Rapid Courier. If you do not pick up the package within this time, it shall be returned to our company.
If you have two orders with the status “Waiting” and identical delivery / shipping data, the two orders shall be aggregated / united from our system. The first order is automatically canceled and the products from the first order are added to the second order.

As a restrictive measure for CLIENTS who do not pick up the ordered PRODUCTS, we reserve the right to stop sending new orders without their full advance payment.

For further information, you can contact us at 0763 213 303 


International orders are delivered with DHL and the shipping price is calculated in real time by the DHL application. The price of transport for international orders differs from country to country, but may also differ from region to region. For international orders,it is possible that custom  to request  payment of customs duties or VAT related to the policy of each country in the destination country. These fees must be paid by the buyer / beneficiary andare not included in the shipping price. It should be noted that in some countries  is needed to import the products on company name. . Therefore, it is in the interest of the buyer 

to inform about the import policy. If the package is refused at customs by the buyer, for any reason SC AMA PIGMENTS SRL will not return the value of the package and will not try to return the package back to the buyer.

The average delivery time with DHL is between 7-10 days. The time spent by the package  in customs for custom clearence it no longer depends on us or DHL.

Plase note that we do not shipp with POST ! After DHL recives tge parcel from us , we are no longer risponsable for it. If any problems regarded delivery delay, custom fees, parcel damaged, etc please contact DHL from your country. 

We have a very strict return policy so please read it!

Plase note that some countries have very high custom taxes , fees or VAT. Plase check your country policy for importing beauty products from Romania. 

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