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Phoenix Collection – Where Once Upon the Time Starts

Pheonix Collection tells one of the most intriguing stories of all times. From an era when creatures came to life from their own ashes, a collection of pigments grew with millions of sparkles and colours.

It was when the world began and when the Sun looked down to Earth to admire its beauties. One day it saw a magnificent creature, one that was one of a kind. This bird was gorgeous and has shimmering feathers. They were colourful, red, and pink and gold, and shone brighter than the Sun itself. The wonderful creature dazzled the sun and it said “Glorious Phoenix, you will be my bird and live forever!”

The Phoenix is such a magnificent bird, every human being would want to have one of its feathers. But humans cannot chase Phoenix bird. Our collection of cosmetic pigments brings a touch of the Phoenix beauty on Earth. Each jar contains an eyeshade inspired from the coloured feathers of the Phoenix.

When placed in the light of the sun the make-up pigments change their hues and take millions of shades.

Born from the Sun and inspired from the greatness of the Phoenix, our AMA pigments collection is one that allows every make-up artist to create one-of-a-kind looks.

   AMA loves colours, AMA loves you! Be AMA(zing)! XOXO

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