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24 Feb Surpriza de primavara – GRATUIT Lorena Vilcu Cioboata lanseaza cursul Fotografierea CloseUP a Ochiului cu Telefonul
02 Feb Instagram accounts to follow for the coolest makeup inspiration
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For a long time, everyone has looked at celebrities and famous makeup artists for beauty inspiration. But the times have changed and in this new wave (of whatever 2021 was going to be), we’ve found t..
11 Nov This Black Friday AMA Pigments has jaw dropping prices for Black Friday
Lorena 0 673
Black Friday or Black Fridays? AMA Pigments cuts down prices between 16 and 23 November  Are you ready for up to 70% lower prices at cosmetic pigments?   This Black Friday is special, considering that..
03 Nov AMA Pigments launches two new collection in collaboration with Tania Maxim and Paulina Buldumea
Lorena 0 455
AMA Pigments launches two new collections on 16th of November, and all products are sold at discounted prices for the Black Friday Campaign. Freedom in combining colours and textures, playing with hue..
20 Oct AMA Pigments announces the winners for the AMA Pigments Halloween Glam Makeup
Lorena 0 520
On the 1st of October, AMA witches challenges all makeup enthusiasts to create a Halloween inspired makeup. Halloween has always been a time for celebration for AMA Pigments teams because it’s the pe..
07 Oct AMA is back to school, even during the pandemic
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Autumn is here and the makeup school, Lorena Vilcu Cioboata runs in Craiova, is open again for makeup professionals. For some it’s surprising that the makeup school welcomes back its students, conside..
24 Aug Autumn skincare guide
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Welcome to our autumn skincare guide! Have you ever wondered how can you enjoy all that autumn can offer without worrying the harm it does to your skin? This article presents some skincare guidelines..
26 Jun AMA Pigments launched another challenge for the makeup lovers from the professional group Only About Makeup
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In our last blog, we approached a new subject, how you can use cosmetic pigments instead of lipstick or combined with lip-glosses and lip balms. For the ones who now discover pigments for makeup, you..
10 Jun Can we use cosmetic pigments instead of lipstick?
Lorena 0 1278
Search no more, here is the answer. In today’s article we’ll discuss pigments, and how we can apply them instead of lipstick. Makeup pigments are versatile products, easy to use for any makeup. When..
01 Jun AMA Pigments launches its latest collection of cosmetic pigments called Holographic
Lorena 0 1515
The Holographic collection mixes hundreds of sparkling powders When it comes to makeup pigments, AMA knows exactly what beauty passionates need. The brand introduced on the Romanian market cosmetic..
24 Apr 100scoli100pigmenti
Lorena 0 1714
Campanie dedicata scolilor de machiaj acreditate NU ITI FIE FRICA DE UN NOU INCEPUT! Noi te sustinem! Pentru AMA Pigments machiajul este o forma de arta. Cum ii poti spune artistului sa se opreasca..
08 Apr Floating Crease Challenge (Here are our winners)
Lorena 0 1136
The floating crease is the star of the season, and because we love everything related to makeup, we couldn’t miss the chance to present it on our Blog. We find this new cut crease variation interest..
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