Welcome to our autumn skincare guide!

Have you ever wondered how can you enjoy all that autumn can offer without worrying the harm it does to your skin? This article presents some skincare guidelines to keep your skin radiant and healthy even during the fall.

Skincare tip #1

Double check the cleanser + use specialized cleanser to break down the buildup

You can achieve both goals if you pick a cleanser and exfoliating solution that includes fruit enzymes like pineapple.  Failing to pick the right cleanser for your skin type can make your buildup worse and increase oil production. A too harsh or too drying cleanser can increase the buildup of dead skin cells and reduce your skin’s ability to self-hydrate and absorb the moisturizing products you apply.

Skincare tip #2

Elevate your hydration to prepare the skin for cooler weather

Your skin will soon feel the effects of wind, and it’s vital to support the deep layers of skin by feeding them with hydration. Hydration prepares our skin for seasonal changes, and buffers it for the issues the cool weather brings.

Skincare tip #3

Seal the hydration

To get all the benefits your hydrating product provides, you need to give your skin time to absorb it. If you don’t do it, the hydration will absorb in the air, and the entire process is underproductive. To protect your hydrating efforts, you must seal the product in your skin. How? Use a daily moisturizer, and apply a serum weekly now that the air gets cooler and you turn on the indoor heating.

Skincare tip #4

Increase the amount of exfoliating, but be gentle

Because the heat of the summer makes exfoliating unpleasant, the autumn is the perfect season to clean your skin from dead cells. When your skin doesn’t take exfoliation well, no matter the season, remember you don’t have to use friction or scrubs to exfoliate it. The process can be smooth, calming and pleasant with a gel or facial toner.

Skincare tip #5

Get a boost from fruit enzymes if you have an acne-prone or congestion-prone skin type

If you experience blackheads, acne, dehydration, congestion or textured skin, you need to adopt a special skincare routine to counteract the autumn effects. A product that includes enzymes like pineapple, bilberry, licorice, pumpkin or sugar maple can provide you the help you need to care for your skin. Botanical enzymes are lifesavers that remove the buildup from your skin, free it from congestion, purge pigmented cells, brighten skin and remove dead skin cells.