Autumn is here and the makeup school, Lorena Vilcu Cioboata runs in Craiova, is open again for makeup professionals. For some it’s surprising that the makeup school welcomes back its students, considering that the makeup industry in Romania is facing an unprecedented situation.

The pandemic shut down makeup schools and beauty salons

The previous years, the summer was a busy time for makeup artists, but in 2020, the authorities prohibited people from organizing events due to the pandemic. When the Romanian government imposed social distancing and isolation as means of preventing the pandemic, all clients canceled their appointments for makeup and hairstyle services. Makeup artists are facing enormous financial issues due to the pandemic, even if the authorities allowed people to organize smaller events during the last months of the summer. Considering the content, many would have thought no one would enroll in makeup classes, but surprisingly the number of students is growing.

Back to school with Lorena

Even if all schools were shut down for a couple of months, people were contacting Lorena Vilcu Cioboata to enroll in her makeup classes. No one wanted to go back to university or high-school, but everyone wanted to take advantage of the free time they had to improve their skills. Why? Because the pandemic is the perfect time for new makeup artists to enter the market and build a reputation.

The pandemic offers new makeup artists the opportunity to attract the public that is planning future events. Only because people canceled their makeup appointments, it doesn’t mean they gave up on the makeup artists and their services, but they re-scheduled their appointments for the following years when the authorities allow them to host their events. At the moment, all known makeup artists are fully booked for 2021 and 2022, so the context is perfect for new makeup artists who want to attract clients.

What should you know about the classes Lorena Vilcu Cioboata teaches?

Lorena Vilcu Cioboata’s class addresses the needs new makeup artists have and helps them acquire the needed skills to build a career. The Academy of Makeup Artists organizes classes for beginner and advanced makeup artists. Beginners can choose from three available classes:

  • 4-weeks class for groups
  • 2-weeks class for groups
  • Individual class

Lorena teaches the group classes, and Academy’s other trainers train makeup enthusiasts who enroll in individual classes. Lorena trained all Academy’s trainers, and she is constantly checking the content they teach to make sure the classes meet the school’s high-quality standards. If you want to find more about the individual makeup classes, click here, we’ve posted on our blog an article to describe the class Roxana Mirea teaches.

Cursurile de grup

Now, let’s get back to the group class, Lorena teaches. As always, I arrived late (let’s pretend it doesn’t always happen), so all students were already in the studio. At the entrance, a carpet soaked in disinfectant solution was waiting for me to clean my sneakers. The alcohol and disinfectant smell hit me the moment I approached the studio, and I couldn’t hold a smile because I know how most Romanian businesses fail to adopt the regulations the authorities imposed. I took of my mask from my backpack, to cover my face because Lorena had already warned me when I asked her if I can assist one of her classes, that if I don’t have a mask, she won’t allow me to step inside the studio.

Before entering the class, all students put their bags and jackets in a hanger, and wash their hands. If a couple a months ago, the salon was welcoming everyone with a fruity home perfume, now I could feel nothing else than disinfectant.


At the front of the class Lorena welcomed me with a smile covered by a mask. How did I know she was smiling? She is always smiling when she teaches, and you can read her smile in her eyes. She loves so much to share her knowledge with her students, only an apocalypse would keep her away from her classes (pun intended).

During the spring, when I last time joined the classes, all students were gathered around the central bank, but now, everyone was keeping a distance, carefully isolated at their working desks, with a mask covering their mouth and nose. The makeup banks were sparkling clean, and everyone was asked to disinfect the desks both before and after using them. Lorena told me they clean the entire studio before the students arrive, but she recommends them to also use the disinfectants she installed in the room to double-clean the desks they use.

I headed to a chair placed in one of the corners of the class, away from the other students, and I took off my phone to take notes. (Some would think I already know by heart the entire class, but knowing Lorena, I was sure she will deliver some new info because she always does it. She is constantly researching the industry and adds new content to her class.) That Friday, Lorena showed the students a makeup technique she teaches during her class. She first did a short theory recap, and then completed two makeup demonstrations on a model. To make sure everyone can watch every brush stroke she also uses a recording camera to project the live demonstration on a screen installed at the front of the class.

All classes lasts 2 hours. The one I attended guaranteed me that Lorena promotes a safe environment, where students can learn the makeup art, even if the planet is under a lockdown. If you want to find more about the group makeup classes Lorena Vilcu Cioboata teaches, click here. The Academy of Makeup Artists waits for you to join its classes. And who knows, maybe you’re lucky and we meet at the class to give me feedback for another article.



Author: Alina Dumitrascu

AMA Pigments, Brand Ambassador