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Fire Dance - Pigment Machiaj Ama

Fire Dance - Pigment Machiaj Ama
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Given the fact that the photos are being made with a macro lens with an established lighting angle, the color of the pigments can be different from the real one. The photos are more saturated. The pigments photos are realised on different bases (black, white, skin, paper).

AMA pigments are applied over  foundation and presented from top to bottom: 99-98-97-96

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Fire Dance - Pigment Machiaj Ama

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The product is contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients!

Sample packaging is not professional! When opened, it is possible to lose product on the edge due to the very small box!

Pigment Model No 96

The product is packed in 

-10 ml jar, containing between 2-4 grams of product.

-5ml jar, containing between 1.2-1.8 grams of product.

-3ml jar, containing between 0.4-0.6 grams of product.

- MICA (77019)
- IRON OXID (77491)
- 10-60 µm

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