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5'Th Seasons -20%

5'Th Seasons

Modelul 214

white sparks with blue-indigo reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON
A Builder View -20%

A Builder View

Modelul 591

royal electric blue shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
A Winter'S Tale -20%

A Winter'S Tale

Modelul 159

liliac gray with pink relfectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
Ash Stroke -20%

Ash Stroke

Modelul 388

blue grey shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
Before You Woke -20%

Before You Woke

Modelul 598

purple blue medium shimmer with small pink particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Blinded By The Light -0%

Blinded By The Light

Modelul 220

wet effect white particles with blue reflectiones

24.00RON 24.00RON
Blue Night Gale -20%

Blue Night Gale

Modelul 378

dust gray shimmer pop

30.00RON 24.00RON
Blues Hunter -20%
Brainstorm -20%


Modelul 506

medium shimmer particles with blue green reflects

30.00RON 24.00RON
Cold Springs -20%

Cold Springs

Modelul 392

navy blue gray

30.00RON 24.00RON
Crossing Winds -20%

Crossing Winds

Modelul 588

dark bule with soft pink tint

30.00RON 24.00RON
Cruising Sky -20%

Cruising Sky

Modelul 433

dolphin gray with large blue particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Curtain Morning Of Color -20%

Curtain Morning Of Color

Modelul 497

large flakes shimmer with sof blue reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Depression -20%


Modelul 164

intense medium blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Dinamic Blue -20%

Dinamic Blue

Modelul 166

flower blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Dock Side Blue -20%

Dock Side Blue

Modelul 394

indigo blue satin sparks

30.00RON 24.00RON
Double Date -20%

Double Date

Modelul 160

indigo purple

30.00RON 24.00RON
Dreaming In The Night -20%

Dreaming In The Night

Modelul 396

dark blue indigo shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
Dry Creek Rocks -20%

Dry Creek Rocks

Modelul 589

electric blue shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
Essence Of Blue -20%

Essence Of Blue

Modelul 324

turquoise satin with green sparkle

30.00RON 24.00RON
Fall From Another Sky New -20%

Fall From Another Sky

Modelul 587

midnight blue satin silk

30.00RON 24.00RON
Falling Spirit -20%

Falling Spirit

Modelul 490

satin white with blue soft purple reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Frosen Snippet -20%

Frosen Snippet

Modelul 437

mini glitter particles with blue and pink reflectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
Frosted Fairy -20%

Frosted Fairy

Modelul 163

blue gray with shimmer particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Frozen In Time -20%

Frozen In Time

Modelul 498

medium shimmer with turquoise reflects

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Birth Stones -20%

Glitter Birth Stones

Modelul 252

holografic blue glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Blue Sphere -20%

Glitter Blue Sphere

Modelul 272

aqua blue glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Blue Suns -20%

Glitter Blue Suns

Modelul 248

intense blue glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter God'S Sheep -20%

Glitter God'S Sheep

Modelul 430

shimmer lily paricles with multicolour reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Iridescent Fishtail -20%
Glitter Silent Wispears -20%

Glitter Silent Wispears

Modelul 251

sky cloud glitter

30.00RON 24.00RON
Glitter Starriwild Jasmine -20%

Glitter Starriwild Jasmine

Modelul 441

white purple green with multicolor reflex

30.00RON 24.00RON
I'll Give You The Sun -20%

I'll Give You The Sun

Modelul 476

satin white whit turquoise reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Icelanding -20%


Modelul 150


30.00RON 24.00RON
Infinite -20%


Modelul 603

dark ice blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Inkshot -20% Out Of Stock


Modelul 168

velvet dark blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Kissable Tibby -20%

Kissable Tibby

Modelul 215

white sparks with purple-indigo reflections

30.00RON 24.00RON
Life In Full Color -20%

Life In Full Color

Modelul 596

seaside intense blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Love Surreal -20%

Love Surreal

Modelul 318

sky cloud gray shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
Magic Owl -20%

Magic Owl

Modelul 436

liliac shimmer with bluish mini particlees

30.00RON 24.00RON
Mindfulness Chatter -20%

Mindfulness Chatter

Modelul 496

medium shimmer with turquoise reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Misterious Waters -20%

Misterious Waters

Modelul 162

sky blue gray silk

30.00RON 24.00RON
Mistic River -20%

Mistic River

Modelul 586

stell blue with sky blue reflectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
Moody Blue -20%

Moody Blue

Modelul 387

geen blue with fine indigo particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Morning Sparkle -20%

Morning Sparkle

Modelul 390

athmosferic blue light shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
Moth Princess -20%

Moth Princess

Modelul 2

Satin white with indigo blue glow

30.00RON 24.00RON
Never Enough -20%

Never Enough

Modelul 493

medium shimmer with blue reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
No More Words -20%

No More Words

Modelul 152

green blue with gold particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Nume Rezervat  Only About Makeup New -20%
Once Again -20%

Once Again

Modelul 600

velvet-blue silk

30.00RON 24.00RON
Play Of Lights -20%

Play Of Lights

Modelul 593

deep oceam blue medium shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
Please Be Still -20%

Please Be Still

Modelul 161

light blue with minti shades

30.00RON 24.00RON
Polar Dream -20%

Polar Dream

Modelul 158

satin purple with blue indigo reflects

30.00RON 24.00RON
Protect You Secrets -20%

Protect You Secrets

Modelul 226

white particles whit turquoise-pink reflectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
Quet Water -20%

Quet Water

Modelul 605

turquoise with golden green reflects

30.00RON 24.00RON
Rain Drops -20%

Rain Drops

Modelul 275

blue shimmer with green reflects

30.00RON 24.00RON
Red Fire Age -20%

Red Fire Age

Modelul 495

medium shimmer with blue reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Ring Ocean -20%

Ring Ocean

Modelul 389

city blue gray color

30.00RON 24.00RON
Salmon Cascade -20%

Salmon Cascade

Modelul 592

deep ocean blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Soap Bubble -20%

Soap Bubble

Modelul 165

cold blue-gry

30.00RON 24.00RON
Soul Rings -20%

Soul Rings

Modelul 229

white particles with blue-purple-indigo reflectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
Soundtrack Blue -20%

Soundtrack Blue

Modelul 151

blue with green reflects

30.00RON 24.00RON
Star Gazling -20%

Star Gazling

Modelul 395

blue gray silver smoke

30.00RON 24.00RON
Stone Holes -20%

Stone Holes

Modelul 602

azure intense blue

30.00RON 24.00RON
Symphony -20%


Modelul 167

velvet blue with intense blue reflects

30.00RON 24.00RON
Tear Drop -20%

Tear Drop

Modelul 590

light sky blue shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
The Joker -20% Out Of Stock

The Joker

Modelul 222

white medium shimmer with powerfull pink-blue reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
The Liar -20%

The Liar

Modelul 225

velvet white with blue indigo reflectiones

30.00RON 24.00RON
The Lion King -20%

The Lion King

Modelul 504

satin shimmer with blue green reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
The One And Only -20%

The One And Only

Modelul 604

pearl ice blue shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
The Wind Sword -20%

The Wind Sword

Modelul 386

sky blue with blue-indigo reflection

30.00RON 24.00RON
Thunder Bird -20%

Thunder Bird

Modelul 153

gray with gold blue tints

30.00RON 24.00RON
Thunderstruck -20%


Modelul 594

small glass blue shimmer

30.00RON 24.00RON
Time Is A River -20%
Tranquilla -20%


Modelul 599

baby blueberry blue satin

30.00RON 24.00RON
Waterfall -20%


Modelul 393

old navy blue with gold particles

30.00RON 24.00RON
Whiskey Creek -20%

Whiskey Creek

Modelul 601

river in the winter blue silk

30.00RON 24.00RON
Zombies Sword -20%

Zombies Sword

Modelul 209

satin white with blue-green lustre

30.00RON 24.00RON