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Nebula is the Bithplace of Stars…Nothing More

Nebula is the Bithplace of Stars…Nothing More

Nebula gives birth to the colours of the Universe

Nebula is an immense cloud of colour, a cloud that collects sparkling particles from the universe. A fully-grown Nebula filled with the universe’s amazing colours fushions and give birth to a new star. If the new born star doesn’t absorb the entire dust the Nebula collected from space, then the remaining pigments settle in our AMA jars.

Nebula is also known as the Pillars of Creation, and it’s our inspiration for the collection with the same name. We wanted to create a range of cosmetic pigments different from what you’ve seen everywhere on the market. From neon shades to chuncky glitter, Nebula uncovers some of the most surprising make-up accessories. If the collections Black Star and White Star are fine and filled with shiny sparkles, the Nebula ones are in their rough form.

They are chunky, bold and colourful.

With their rough form and neon hues they expect to fusion to give birth to sparkling children. Nebula is the Mother of AMA Pigments.

Nebula is the perfect make-up products collection if you are a make-up artist who wants to reveal the creation process to your clients, and if you want to experiment with colours and textures in their rough form. It’s a challenge even for the seasoned make-up guru to work with Nebula pigments.

Nebula with its unbelievable potential is is the Creator of the fine and glittery pigments you discovered in the other collections.

AMA loves colours, AMA loves you! Be AMA(zing)! XOXO   


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