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AMA Pigments launches its latest collection of cosmetic pigments called Holographic

Posted by devpro 03/06/2020 0 Comment(s)

The Holographic collection mixes hundreds of sparkling powders

pigmenti cosmetici Holographic

When it comes to makeup pigments, AMA knows exactly what beauty passionates need. The brand introduced on the Romanian market cosmetic pigments in a time when the industry was already saturated with foreign products that were often sold at pricey prices.

AMA Pigments is proud to say that it offers its clients over 700 pigments, in various textures and shades. If their first collection included sparkling powders in one or two hues, the collection launched on 04 June 2020, presents pigments that mixes hundreds of particles and colours.

The Holographic collection includes 21 pigments that play with shades of pink, purple, gold, blue and copper. AMA Pigments sought inspiration in the nature to create new products. It made efforts to put in a small jar the rays of sun reflected on spring flowers, the lake waves sparkling under the moonlight, the butterflies’ wings during the autumn light and the snowflakes glistening during frozen nights.

The beauty of the pigments from the Holographic collection can be caught in the same place where they were first born, in the nature, under the sparkling light of the Sun, the brightest star in the galaxy.

PS: When you use the pigments for makeup, take them under the rays of the sun to catch their beautiful reflections, because they’re shy inside the house.

Check the official page of the collection to discover the mesmerizing powders we launch!

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Writer: Alina Dumitrascu