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AMA Pigments launched another challenge for the makeup lovers from the professional group Only About Makeup

Posted by devpro 26/06/2020 0 Comment(s)

In our last blog, we approached a new subject, how you can use cosmetic pigments instead of lipstick or combined with lip-glosses and lip balms.

For the ones who now discover pigments for makeup, you may want to know they are fine loose powders mainly used as ingredients for eyeshadows. Only that the pigments, AMA sells aren’t pressed in a pan, they are in loose form and spark brighter than the solid form.

But, cometic pigments aren’t solely designed for eye makeup, they can be used even on lips above of lip balms or mixed with an oily base to stick to the skin. Here is info on how to apply them if you want to experiment with pigments for makeup purposes.

In our last challenge for the makeup lovers from the Only About Makeup group we asked them to share pictures with AMA pigments applied on lips, and we picked the most creative pictures. We should mention that only a very skilled makeup artists can make art from pigments when they work on face areas like the lips.

Without further introduction, let’s discover how our amazing makeup artists used AMA pigments on lips. Check their professional pages if you want to find more inspiration.

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