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Can we use cosmetic pigments instead of lipstick?

Posted by devpro 10/06/2020 0 Comment(s)

Search no more, here is the answer.

In today’s article we’ll discuss pigments, and how we can apply them instead of lipstick. Makeup pigments are versatile products, easy to use for any makeup.

When we talk about makeup products, with the focus on powders, cometic pigments are a unique subject. Eyeshadows, highlighters, powders, and bronzers have an already-established purpose, but the loose pigments found in small jars don’t fit into a specific category. However, only because they are complex makeup products, it doesn’t mean we should neglect them because if we do, we skip the opportunity to experiment with one of the most intriguing products in the industry.

Regan Rabanal, Senior Artist at MAC, says that makeup artists benefit the most when they use makeup pigments because they can control the cover, opacity, and intensity of the makeup. Regan Rabanal and Tim Quinn, makeup artist for Giorgio Armani, spoke for Harper’s Bazar on how we can use pigments in day-to-day makeup. From their interview we extracted the section referring to lips’ makeup, and we present it to you. 

Cometic pigments can replace lipstick in makeup

As a beginner, you may find challenging to make lipstick from pigments, but you can still use them to complete the look if you mix them with lip balm. Regan Rabanal suggests using Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream for a mat finish or MAC Clear Gloss for a glossy look. But if you don’t have these, you can use any moisturising long-lasting balm.

Pigmentul cosmetic poate inlocui rujul

If you mix lip gloss or balm with pigments you can create new lip shades. Take a small amount of balm from its stick, apply it on the back of your palm, and add a small amount of pigment with the help of a brush. Once you use the brush to mix the compound, don’t tip it back into the jar if you need extra product. Use a spatula or another clean brush.

Pigmentul cosmetic poate inlocui rujul

You can add more than one pigment to the balm to create more mesmerising shades. Why buying hundreds of lipsticks when you can create your own? When you apply the mix on lips, use a small flat brush to set the product.

Pigmentul cosmetic poate inlocui rujul

Another method to use loose pigments instead of lipstick is to apply a base of lipstick and add some powder on top to add extra shine. Makeup artists often use pigments to create metallic lipstick shades.

Another way to use mica pigments is to cut a small section of lipstick and mix it with a pigment. You can apply it with a small flat brush, the same way you do with traditional products.

Pigmentul cosmetic poate inlocui rujul

Pro Tip: We also love to use a highlighter pigment to add some light in Cupid’s Arch because it makes lips seem fuller.

Check the following pictures for more ideas on how to use pigments on lips. Iacob Buhai perfectly masters the art of applying pigments on lips, and we’ll use some of his creations for inspiration.

Pigmentul cosmetic poate inlocui rujul

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Author: Alina Dumitrascu